Friday, January 7, 2011

Info on Asperger's

Just a couple of links / references that I found useful in understanding a bit more about Asperger's. These are the ones that come readily to mind, I will add others at a later date:

On 13th December 2009 Talking Life discussed "Adults living with Asperger's Syndrome". I found it incredibly enlightening. This is the link to the podcast, though you would need to scroll down to find the appropriate episode:

A couple of books I have read (again) recently which I found really useful:

"The complete guide to Asperger's" - Tony Attwood

"Asperger's Syndrome: A guide for parents and professionals" - Tony Attwood

If anyone is reading this and has any links / references they would like to share please add your suggestion(s) in a comment to this post.

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