Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kick starting this thing... a bit about me and the purpose of this blog

So who am I and what is the purpose of this blog?

Well, I'm a 23yr old woman from Australia who began the process of being assessed for Asperger's syndrome in 2010. I'm still going through the process and haven't yet got the official diagnosis (due to the combined particular difficulty of diagnosing adult females, and lack of access to specialists in my geographical area), but so far it's painstakingly clear to myself and my psychiatrist that I fit the diagnostic criteria of an aspie and will eventually receive this diagnosis.

I decided to start this blog for a number of reasons, but mainly because it's so hard to find info on adults with Asperger's, and even harder still to find anything on women with Asperger's. I wanted to reach out to others like me, and being from a small country town there's very little support available in my area, so I figured hey, give the internet a shot! Everyone's different, but maybe by sharing my story with others and inviting others to share their story too we can all learn something together. Here's hoping!

Another purpose of this blog for me is as an outlet to talk freely about how this has and continues to affect me. Like many aspies I don't have a large group of friends to confide in and have deep and meaningful conversations with, and I'm pretty sure that my one and only friend gets a bit sick of the constant lengthy emails that she receives every time I feel the need to share my feelings, thoughts and experiences.

I intend to post regularly, and you can expect my posts to involve descriptions of what my life has been like as a girl / woman with Asperger's, links and references to information I have found useful in my search for a greater understanding of it, and my thoughts on it all. I want to invite anyone and everyone to make comments, but please be nice :)

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